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Kilmun - Garden-Facing Bedroom

Situated on the second floor with views of the garden with frequent visits of roe deer and red squirrels. This room has a double bed with cherry furniture and lots of soft furnishings and features a luxurious ensuite shower room.

The Kilmun Bedroom - more information

Kil - monk’s cell or place of worship Munafter St Mun

St Mun, also known as Fintan Macumoi or Mhunnu, a disciple of St Columba, started a monastery here in the 7th century. The present church, built in 1841, stands alongside the remains of a 15th century church tower. The domed mausoleum is the burial place of the Dukes of Argyll (the Campbell clan) and includes the body of the first Marquis who lost his head at the end of the English Civil War and Earl Archibald who died at Flodden. This is a family that just couldn’t stay out of trouble.

A memorial to Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to qualify as a doctor both in the U.K. and in America, is to be found in Kilmun churchyard. Elizabeth used to visit here in the late 1800s and stayed at the Kilmun Inn (now The Pier) where she could look out from her window across The Holy Loch to what she always called her ‘delectable mountains’.

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