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Benmore - Sea-Facing Bedroom

A spacious sea-facing bedroom on the second floor with a four-poster bed and two large comfy armchairs to enjoy the ever-changing views. The luxurious bathroom has a bath with shower overhead and even has a loo with a view!

The Benmore Bedroom - more information

Benmore - The big mountain

Beinna mountain Morlarge or big

Find Benmore itself and the beautiful Benmore Botanic Gardens just a short drive from the head of The Holy Loch, north of Dunoon on the A815. A joy to visit in any season, the gardens are especially stunning at rhododendron time in late April through May, and for their awesome autumn colours.

The Giant Redwood avenue is a must-see. Now part of the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh, the estate was first planted in the 1820s. Benmore house, which some say resembles a fairy castle, is now an outdoor education centre. For a better view of ‘the big mountain’, there is a fabulous walk through the gardens. Ask there for directions.

Alternatively, stay on the main road and glance to your left over the always spectacular Loch Eck, the horse loch. Just south of Benmore is Puck’s Glen - a fabulous ravine of tumbling waterfalls - well worth a visit.

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