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Ardentinny - Sea-Facing Bedroom

A large sea-facing bedroom on the second floor with a choice of either a super king-size or twin beds. This room has a stunning vista of the Firth of Clyde with views from Largs to Helensburgh and beyond which can be enjoyed from the comfortable seating area. There is a panelled ensuite bathroom with overhead shower. This room can be adapted to suit families of 2 adults and 2 children.

The Ardentinny Bedroom - more information

Ardentinny - The headland of the fire.

Ard or Aird - high, headland or promontory; an - ‘of the’; teinefire

Ardentinny is a picturesque village on the west side of Loch Long on the A880. Fires may have been used here to warn of approaching danger (there was a lot of it about during the continuing battles between the Campbells and the Lamonts!). The lighting of bonfires – or Beltane fires – could also be linked to the worship of the Celtic god of light, Bel or Belinus. But the simplest and most likely reason was its use as a signal for a ferry to cross from Coulport on the opposite shore.

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